Your Ideas + Our Execution =

Outplay Your Competition

We create practical operational advantages for businesses seeking continual process improvement and competitive edge, because consistent winners understand profitable ideas generate nothing without achievable and proper execution.


Data Collection & Analysis
By understanding your processes we can better address what will provide the most value for you.Step 1

Concept Facilitation & Advisory
Data collected drives the discussion of a game plan for process improvement and edge.Step 2

Task Assigning & Execution
The right people need to be assign to the right process to create optimal results and outcomes.Step 3

Our principles focus on practicality, practicability, and profitability.

The Problem
Businesses hyper-focused on making it through daily responsibilities often neglect to continuously improve their overall operations to become more sustainable, organized, and value-generating. Oftentimes, businesses do not have a resource that is capable of discovering and crafting meaningful and improved operational outcomes. This inevitably leads to a path of incrementally increasing self-inflicted operational frustrations.

If your business is regularly carrying out outdated processes because it’s how things have been done, lacking a fresh set of objective eyes, or lacking resources, Operation Ninjas can help.

The Solution
Operation Ninjas crafts solutions focused on practicality, practicability, and profitability while disrupting the business as little as necessary. Sticking to an old or new method, can be a difficult habitual change if the method was not strongly and meaningfully justified. Operation Ninjas analyzes meaningful data for the core operational mechanics running your business, teams, and customers. The proposed solutions will show why alternative processes are needed to eliminate problems, and what the end-result benefits will be for business success for everyone.

You must act before situations get out-of-control, irreversible, and expensive, by paying the price to stay successful in business -- your competition is. Increasing situations when you outplay your competition, and decreasing situations when you get outplayed by them or yourself, is how your business will thrive.

Consistent winners understand profitable ideas generate nothing without achievable and proper execution. Contact Operation Ninjas to start improving your operational competitive edge today!

Pay the price to stay successful in business -- your competition is.

Quick. Accurate. Reliable. Results.

Continuous Business Process Improvement Helps You Consistently...

Increase Billable Hours

with tools to get paid more often

Outplay Competition

with better and consistent process execution to get ahead

Increase Value Per Action

with foresight to make everything count

Track Measurable Data

with analytics to know what performs

Increase Productivity

with focusing on strengths and new ways to be efficient and effective

Reduce Mistakes

with guidelines to doing things right

Increase Profits

with sustainable mechanics to grow

Remain Relevant

with modern methods to run things smoothly

Call Better Shots

with analytics to know what to do next

Run Lean & Mean

with systems to maximize your dollars

Lower Unwarranted Doubt

with meaningful actions to keep on the right track

Remove Root Cause Issues

with in-depth analysis to end a problem

Operate to outplay your competition or get outplayed.